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Tiny Homes On Wheels Spark New Debate On Homelessness In San Pedro


San Pedro residents packed a neighborhood council meeting Tuesday night to express their concerns about tiny houses, built for the homeless, that have been popping up on their streets.

A neighbor said "It's important. These are important people, and it's personal to me because I have a son who is homeless in San Pedro," she said. "Unfortunately, there's nothing for him to do, nowhere to go."

Another resident said "Don't just find them a tiny home. Find them a job."

The tiny homes are 4x6 foot wooden structures on wheels. They are built by volunteers from different community outreach programs.

Ricky Bates said he became homeless after losing his construction job and feels lucky to have just moved into one of those tiny homes two days ago. "We have shelter from the sun. And it's nice," he said.

Everyone at the meeting agreed that homelessness in San Pedro is a huge issue, and something needs to be done.

The council voted Tuesday night in favor of the Tiny House Huge Purpose project. But they want to find a different place to put the little houses instead of putting them on public streets.

Elvis Summers of South Los Angeles started the Tiny House project after raising more than $80,000 on

The next meeting on this issue will be early next month to discuss where the tiny houses can be moved to.

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