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The Best Places to Study Art Abroad

By Jacqueline Runice

Of course, art is everywhere, so does it matter where you unpack your palette? Studying art in another country ignites the senses to be out of your element and affords once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to learn, create and become inspired amid historic art treasures.  

Paris, France

Every art student dreams of studying in Paris. The city of light, love, the Eiffel Tower, and literary and cinematic lore boasts more than 100 museums including the most visited museum on the planet, The Louvre. Most visitors have to settle for a quick glance at the Mona Lisa among hundreds of other tourists, but an art study stint means you can wander the museums at your leisure (after homework is completed, of course.) International Studies Abroad  (ISA) has programs partnered with The Sorbonne - Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne as well as Catholic University of Paris and The American Business School Paris. Emerson College in Boston, MA has created a new first of its kind Global BFA  program with the Paris College of Art which begins in summer of 2019 and is open to students from all over the world to study in both Paris and the Netherlands.

Florence, Italy 

Who wouldn't jump at the opportunity to study in arguably the most significant renaissance art locale rife with paintings, architecture, sculpture, spectacular churches and fountains? Ohio's Kent State University has its own campus in Florence offering outstanding art study abroad for thousands of students over the last 40 years. Staff develops a curriculum so that you can study in Italy for a semester and there are comprehensive orientations before you even leave the US, as well as upon arrival in Italy. Incoming KSU freshmen apply for visas before they ever take their first class as a pathway to thinking globally.   

Barcelona, Spain

The birthplace of Goya, Salvador Dalí, Joan Miro and Pablo Picasso, Spain had a significant impact on art from the old masters to contemporary artists. Emerson College has several Global Pathways programs for students studying art that take them to revered arts communities of the world, including Spain. The Barcelona program, an intensive, four-week summer experience, offers the study of visual art and theatre amid Barcelona’s Mediterranean culture, Catalan art and incredible architecture. The otherworldly architecture of Antoni Gaudi is awe-inspiring and visiting the Museo Picasso is a must. 

London, England

There won't be a language barrier or learning curve if you study in London, a vibrant modern city with a history that extends back to ancient Rome. It is known for its innovation, sustainability, global influence and, according to PETA, it's the most vegetarian-friendly city. The British Museum is one of the great museums of the world, is free to get in and boasts the largest collection of Egyptian antiquities outside of Egypt. University of the Arts London  (UAL)  is the largest art and design university in Europe with nearly 20,000 students from more than 130 countries. The areas of study within the six colleges that make up the arts university range from painting and sculpture to 3D design and costuming for theater and screen. UAL offers some of the most innovative courses and research opportunities that explore computer science and creative practice.



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