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Suspects In Hollywood Murder Interviewed 2 Weeks Ago By Filmmaker

HOLLYWOOD ( — Suspects in a Hollywood stabbing murder were interviewed two weeks ago as part of a documentary a filmmaker was putting together on LA's homeless population.

Filmmaker Chadwick Davis said he put two and two together last night and realized he interviewed two of the three suspects allegedly involved in the fatal stabbing at Hollywood and Highland Tuesday.

CBS2's Art Barron spoke with Davis about his film -- "Making it in Hollywood" -- and his interviews.

Barron reported, "What's clear in the video the men interviewed certainly showed signs of anger and desperation."

The filmmaker believed his interview subject and the suspected killer, 26-year-old Dustin James Kinnear, was at the end of his rope.

In the video, Kinnear says, "Hollywood is a full of nothing but a trendy bunch of [expletive deleted] stuck up yuppies. That's it, that's all they are."

He added, "You want to move here? Don't move here unless you've got money to come here and live off your own. Don't come here to make money."

Three pan-handling transients, Kinnear and two associates -- Jason Joel Wolstone and Brian Joseph Widdows -- are accused in the stabbing murder of Christine Calderon. She and a friend took cell phone pictures of the men and refused their request for money.

About Kinnear, Davis said, "He made it clear to me he didn't want to be on the streets. They all could have been on their last string of hope, of life, of desperation."

In the video, Widdows -- charged with being an accessory after the fact -- says, "I went from having everything to having nothing in a matter of months."

Davis found eager and willing interview subjects in the suspects. "I already had my camera in my hand," Davis said, "and they literally walked up to my camera and spoke to me. When they talked to me, they seemed so open. So many people were taking pictures of them. People were taking pictures of me recording them."

The three men were arraigned Friday. They pleaded not guilty.


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