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Family Mourns Loved Ones Killed In Hit-And-Run Crash

SUN VALLEY (CBSLA) — Police are looking for a driver they say was involved in a deadly crash and then ran away.

Now family members are mourning the loss of their beloved sister, who died just a couple of minutes away from home when she and her husband were struck and killed.

Family members of Olivia Enriquez gathered Saturday at her home in Sun Valley, remembering her and her husband Lee West.

The couple were killed Friday night in a tragic car crash that police believe could be the result of street racing.

"I'm in total shock," said the victim's sister Hermina Andersen. "Just reading about how senseless this accident was."

Andersen says her sister had just picked up her husband from work around 7 p.m. and was heading home. Police say she was making a left onto Lankershim Boulevard from San Fernando Road when her blue Toyota Corolla was hit by a white Dodge Charger. Both Enriquez and West died on scene.

"People are having fun. This thing they call fun destroyed our family and the family of the people who did it," said the victim's sister Aurora Rincon.

Police say the white Dodge Charger was speeding and driving recklessly with a dark color Dodge Charger. The driver of the white Dodge Charger, a 25-year-old female from Pacoima and her two passengers were taken to the hospital. The driver and one of her passengers have serious injuries. Police say the driver will be arrested and booked for murder when she recovers.

"I also feel bad for their families because they're going to feel a great loss too," said Andersen.

As for the innocent couple who lost their lives, family members say they were hardworking. Enriquez grew up in Sun Valley. One of eight siblings, she dedicated her life to taking care of her family.

"She was strong as a horse. I thought she was going to be here for a long time," said Rincon.

The dark Dodge Charger didn't stop after the crash. And now police are looking for that driver.

If you know who was driving the dark Dodge Charger, LAPD wants to hear from you.

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