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Mother Bear, Cub Headed Back Into Wild After Attack In Sierra Madre

SIERRA MADRE (CBSLA) — A black bear that scratched a man in his yard earlier this week in Sierra Madre was released back into the wild with her cub.

The man's dog had gone after the adult bear Monday afternoon after it got onto its owner's property in Sierra Madre. The mother bear had a cub nearby, so when the man ran in to save his dog and kicked the bear, it lashed back and scratched him, according to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Both bears were tranquilized and captured immediately after the scuffle. DNA from the bear matched evidence taken from the man, but did not match DNA taken from another bear attack on April 24 that also happened in Sierra Madre.

Wildlife officials determined that because the bear was protecting her cub, it was not acting abnormally aggressive and should be released back into the wild.

The injuries to the man and his dog were not serious and are both expected to be OK, authorities said.

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