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Shoppers Taking Second Shutdown In Stride As Toilet Paper, Water Remain On Store Shelves

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) - Businesses have been shut down again in California, leaving many to wonder if the hoarding of toilet paper and other products is set to return as well.

Shelves appeared emptier than in recent weeks at stores in the Burbank area, including Target, Ralph's, and Costco.

None of the stores, however, appeared at risk of running low on supplies.

Back when the pandemic began in March, some stores were limiting purchases on staples such as meat and chicken. And while that's not the case right now, toilet paper, paper towels and water once again appeared to be in high demand.

Most shoppers didn't appear too concerned - at least not yet.

"It's definitely a lot of stuff that is running a little bit low but for the most part it don't really feel like people are hoarding too much," said shopper Dre Hill.

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