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Semi-trucks restricted from using Carbon Canyon Road to improve safety

Truck restrictions in effect on Carbon Canyon Road, connector of Orange and San Bernardino counties
Truck restrictions in effect on Carbon Canyon Road, connector of Orange and San Bernardino counties 02:16

A popular commuter thoroughfare, connecting north Orange County to western San Bernardino County, is restricting trucks on the road, in efforts to improve safety.

The Chino Hills City Council approved restricting trucks with more than four axles from traveling along Carbon Canyon Road, a narrow S-curved highway.  

Enforcement along the 8.5 mile highway begins next week, with Chino Hills police issuing warnings for now, during the soft-opening of the new restrictions.

"So it gets a little sketchy out there, and sometimes they (trucks) are so big, they don't even hear or see us," bicyclist Patrick Caro said.

Carbon Canyon Road, or Highway 142, is owned and operated by Caltrans and is an alternative to the 57, 60 and 91 freeways, connecting Chino Hills to Brea.  

"After years of concerted efforts and collaboration between two cities and two different California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) Districts, we are pleased to implement this enforcement action and limit the dangers posed by semi-trucks navigating through Carbon Canyon that have long been a concern for our community," said Chino Hills Mayor Cynthia Moran.

The City of Chino Hills began exploring truck traffic solutions in 2016, and funded three different traffic studies in 2017, 2018, and again in 2021. Truck restrictions for the highway were originally approved by the Chino Hills council in 2022.  

"Its really not designed, and it's really not accessible by trucks with more than four axles. We've seen over the years where those accidents can result in injuries and lengthy delays to commuters," Chief Al Girard, Chino Hills Police Department said.

There are some exceptions under the new restrictions, large trucks making deliveries or doing business in the canyon,

It will be enforced by the Chino Hills Police Department on the San Bernardino County side, and by the Brea Police Department on the Orange County side of the canyon. Violators will be subject to fines, $238, and a point on one's DMV record. 

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