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What Students Should Do If Shooter Is On Campus

LOS ANGELES (  As police searched for a shooter on UCLA's campus Wednesday, thousands of students were put on lockdown and told to shelter in place in classrooms.

"The students did exactly what they should have done. They improvised ways to lock doors. They barricaded themselves, and they waited to police first responder to come and let them know it was all clear," said Jeff Zisner of Aegis Security & Investigations.

Zisner owns a company that provides security consulting and active shooter training. He said although this didn't turn out to be an active shooter situation, it was a good lesson for anyone who may find themselves in one some day.

"Students should be hiding low, away from the door. They should also have heavy objects that are going to conceal them and also provide some sort of protection in case there's a bullet that comes through," Zisner advised.

Garry Wong, a retired police officer and owner of a security company, agreed. He said stay put, stay quiet, and stay away from the door. But if a shooter gets through, and there's nowhere to run, then it's time to fight for your life.

"You don't want to sit there and wait for him to execute you," Wong added. "You have to attack. You can use your laptop. Use anything in your hands, a chair; you attack. He's not expecting you to attack. Therefore, you do what you have to do."

Students were eventually given the all-clear to come out of hiding. Wong believed the use of social media was critical in communicating to police, family and friends.

"You can get on Facebook and tell groups of people that you're OK. Everyone that follows you on Facebook or Twitter, let them know what's going on."

Wong and Zisner both said because of shootings like the one at UCLA, it is not just police who need to be trained for an active shooter situation, students and faculty everywhere need it as well so lives can be saved.


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