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Santa Ana Parking Lot Shooting Raises More Questions Than It Answers

SANTA ANA (CBSLA)  -- A shooting inside a Santa Ana parking lot last month is raising more questions than it answers.

Although the shooting was caught on surveillance video, CBS2's Michele Gile says investigators aren't entirely sure what they're witnessing. Because it happened in the wee hours, it's dark but they said you could clearly see the suspect firing several times.

From there, they don't know what happened or why.

It started as a physical fight inside the parking lot that quickly escalates and becomes a shooting.

None of the suspects have been identified or caught.

The incident happened around 4:15 a.m. on the morning of September 28. The parking lot is near a 24-hour Subway shop on 17th Street.

The group the suspect is aiming a gun at seem completely unfazed as he pulls out the gun.

After a second man throws a punch, the man in the white tank top is shown raising his arm before aiming the pistol.

The victim jumps but doesn't run away.

"There are gang members that hang out in this area," says Santa Ana Police Department Cpl. Anthony Bertagna, "People not from the area come to get food. They immediately start hitting them up with where are you from, stuff like that. There's no indication that our victims are gang members."

He added, "The suspects? Totally possible."

The man in the white tank top again points the gun -- this time at a male and female. He fires a few times and strikes the woman in the foot.

The surveillance video shows the woman grabbing her leg. She grabs her leg after being hit and she limps away.

"From his actions," Bertagna says, "the shooter looks like he's intoxicated or high. So, whether he's just a bad shot, or are victims are extremely lucky."

Detectives are hoping to find the suspects -- including the female getaway driver. They also said there was something distinctive about the getaway car -- a black Hyundai.

There are lights on the back of the side view mirrors. Detectives are hoping this distinction can help them track the suspects down.

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