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Renewed Hunt Made For Hermosa Beach Father Who Went Missing In Late May

HERMOSA BEACH ( — Authorities said they have renewed the hunt for a missing Hermosa Beach man who disappeared in Northern California in late May.

Erik Lamberg's vehicle was found stuck in the mud in a remote area of Mendocino County on May 26.

During a search Wednesday where the man's van was found, officials said dogs picked up his scent. Officials said they plan on going back out to the area next week to continue searching.

Serene Branson, reporting for KCAL9, spoke to Lamberg's wife Wednesday evening.

Samantha Lamberg said that her husband's mental illness -- Erik was diagnosed as being bi-polar -- took a toll on their family.

She wanted to keep the story of her husband's disappearance in the public eye in the hopes he can be found.

"I want people to know who he is, I want them to recognize him if they see him," said Samantha.

Searchers plan on going through the desolate area where the van was found with a fine tooth comb.

"They are going to examine the rail lines, all the outbuildings, the logging roads," said Samantha.

Around the time of his disappearance, a caller told authorities he heard a man screaming but he couldn't pinpoint where it was coming from.

Samantha believes that might have been Erik.

"I thought that could so easily be Erik -- given he was very paranoid about going up there and given the screams I heard down here," she said.

Eight years after the couple was first married and just after their first child was born, Erik was diagnosed as bi-polar. Samantha said his condition worsened after his father died two years ago.

Lamberg was on his way to Northern California to find solace and treatment for his condition.

Right before he left, Samantha says she told her husband, "I said, 'I need you to understand the reason I'm not talking to you right now and not seeing you, is that I can't watch you die and I need you to know that I love you.'"

Lamberg says she's staying strong for her children.  She knows that her husband's mental illness may have led to his demise.

"I don't have any privacy ... because I gave it up to help find him. And I know so many other people struggle with mental illness and addiction in their family members, and if I can let those people know that it's okay to reach out, you don't have to be ashamed, then those people will get help and that would be my silver lining," said Samantha.

Officials say they have not located Lamberg's cell phone and that his credit cards have not been used. His bank accounts have also shown no activity since his disappearance.

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