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'Real World' Family Reels From 2nd Cast Mate Death In Month

LOS ANGELES ( —  The "Real World" family is stunned by the second death in a month of one of their cast mates.

Ryan Knight, who appeared in the 2010 "Real World: New Orleans" season as well as "The Challenge," has died.

He was 29.

His death comes just 13 days after 34-year-old Diem Brown died after a long bout with cancer. She appeared on "Road Rules" and "The Challenge." Brown also dated "Real World: Paris" cast mate Chris "C.T." Tamburello off and on.

TMZ reported that Knight was with friends Wednesday and in good spirits. He was found dead yesterday. No cause of death was given.

MTV's "Real World" -- which premiered in 1992 -- puts seven strangers in a house and films them 24-7. The show has spawned many real-life relationships, a few marriages and children and many of the cast mates have gone on to successful careers on TV and even politics.

The show depicts all the best things about being young (new romance, finding a career path, partying) and some of the downsides (drug problems, racial tensions, intolerance, to name a few.)

The show has lost several cast members to illness (Pedro Zamora of AIDS in 1994, Frankie Abernathy to cystic fibrosis in 2007) as well as drug addiction (Joey Kovar in 2012.)


'Real World' Star Dead Of Apparent Drug Overdose At 29


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