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Middle School Dean Arrested For Allegedly Preying On Children

CABAZON (CBSLA) — A shock today for parents in Banning. A trusted and respected middle school dean has been arrested for allegedly preying on children.

Charles Mayer, 55, dean of students at Nicolet Middle School, was arrested for trying to meet a 14-year-old boy for sex, deputies said.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department said that on Friday Mayer left the school in Banning and drove to a Rancho Cucamonga park where he planned to pick the boy up and take him home to Menifee for the weekend.

Thankfully deputies said Mayer was actually communicating with an undercover deputy. He was arrested on sight.

"It's somebody that he's supposed to trust at school," said Elvira, whose son is a 7th grader at Nicolet.

Both as a mother and as a fellow teacher, Elvira was outraged.

But perhaps no one is more outraged than Amanda.

"He took a real interest in my son," said Amanda.

Amanda said both her kids spent time alone with Mayer.

"My son would eat lunch in his classroom often. Just the two of them," said Amanda.

She said her 14-year-old son thought of Mayer as his mentor.

But now, she says she's terrified that he had wanted to take advantage of him all along.

The Banning Unified School District said in part:

"Mr. Mayer was immediately placed on administrative leave and is prohibited from entering any District school site or facility. It is not believed that Mr. Mayer's actions involved the District or any students from the District."

"All those encouraging words he gave them. Now my son is second guessing those things because of the man that he turned out to be," said Amanda.

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