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Only On CBS2: Police Report Claims Deutsche Bank Executive Was High On Bath Salts

EAGLE ROCK ( — A Deutsche Bank executive is suing the Los Angeles Police Department for allegedly using excessive force and CBS2 has obtained the police report at the heart of Brian Mulligan's $50 million claim.

The report says officers responded to a call of an attempted grand theft at a Jack In The Box restaurant in Eagle Rock last May.

Officers noticed the 52-year-old man was sweating profusely and walking with an unsteady gait. Mulligan told officers he was being chased and didn't know why.

Yet, officers wrote that the La Canada resident was responsive to questions, appeared calm, lucid and cooperative.

According to the report, Mulligan spontaneously stated that he had ingested marijuana and that he had not slept in four days.

Mulligan also stated that he ingested "white lightning," which police say is a commercial name for bath salts which possess intoxicating effects similar to methamphetamine and cocaine.

The bank executive allegedly told police that he was in the process of going through a divorce and was feeling very depressed.

The report reveals Mulligan asked officers to take him to a nearby motel to rest.

Before driving home, officers took him to Highland Park Motel and left.

Three hours later, the same officers responded to a traffic call when they allegedly noticed Mulligan running into the path of oncoming traffic in a busy intersection near the motel.

Officers wrote that they ordered him to get on the sidewalk. The report said Mulligan abruptly turned around and took a combative stance by arching his back, holding up both arms above his head and contorting his hands in a claw-like manner -- all while baring his teeth and snarling.

An officer described what followed: "After evading the blows, the suspect lunged toward me with both arms outstretched and attempted to tackle me.. At this time, I sidestepped the suspect and pushed him with both hands on his back toward the ground. A use of force then occurred."

Mulligan's attorneys wouldn't comment on the report Tuesday but told CBS2 last week that they were filing a civil claim against the LAPD alleging excessive use of force during the incident. Pictures which lawyers won't release show gruesome injuries Mulligan sustained from officers that night. Attorney Michael Flanagan said his client suffered a tremendous blow to the face that left Mulligan with 15 fractures to his nose and required 54 stitches to close up the lacerations.

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