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Police Pursuit Eliminator Could Disable Vehicles, Save Lives On Road

PICO RIVERA (CBSLA) - Forty one people died as a result of high-speed pursuits last year, the most since 2006. according to the California Highway Patrol.

Now, law enforcement is hoping a new device can cut that number down.

The police pursuit eliminator was demonstrated at the Pico River Sports Arena parking lot on Saturday. The device made by Stop Technologies is a disabling system designed to stop a car within seconds.

"It works off a different satellite GPS technology. The system actually has to be installed inside the vehicle," Manny Argomaniz, Stop Technologies president and CEO said. "Through our phone application, we will be able to send a signal to the system. … And within seconds it will safely disable the vehicle."

Right now, law enforcement is only using spike strips and the pit maneuver to try and end pursuits.

Authorities are hoping this system will help bring pursuits to a safer conclusion.

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