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Police Hunt Suspect Who Beat And Robbed Female Gas Station Attendant

WEST COVINA (CBS) —   Authorities are on the hunt for a male suspect they say beat and robbed a 50-year-old female gas station attendant in West Covina last month.

They released video surveillance of the suspect Thursday in hopes of tracking the suspect.

The clerk reportedly suffered significant injuries in the September 23 attack but said the victim would recover.

Cpl. Eddie Flores of the West Covina Police Department told CBS2 and KCAL9 reporter Suraya Fadel the brutal attack lasted for nearly 2 and one-half minutes. "This guy was a street fighter. And he was showing a lot of anger." And Flores added, "We are afraid he will strike again."

The assault and robbery occurred just after 6 p.m. at a 76 gas station located in the 200 block of N. Vincent Avenue.

Police said the sunglasses-wearing, knife-wielding robber assaulted the woman in an unprovoked attack. Said Flores, "She was scared for her life."

Given the extent of her beating, Fadel reported, "It's amazing the woman is alive."

The suspect was driving a dark car, possibly green in color. Authorities believe it might have been a circa 90s, Honda Accord. Flores added the car had a sunroof.

Officials said the man posed as a customer who wanted to buy cigarettes before attacking the clerk from behind.

Police said the man struck the woman with his fist, several times in the face for almost the full two-plus minutes. They also said he assaulted her several times with gas station's telephone. He called the attack "gruesome" but said police were releasing an unedited version of the attack to drive the point home. "The suspect attacked this woman in broad daylight...we want to show how dangerous he can be."

The suspect also fled with an undetermined -- but large -- amount of cash.

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