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Police Dog Thrown Out 2nd-Story Window Rushed Back To Animal Hospital

FONTANA ( — The Fontana police dog that was thrown out of a second-story window by a wanted parolee Sunday afternoon was rushed back to the animal hospital Tuesday.

KCAL9's Greg Mills reported that K-9 Jaris has a tear in his sinuses, which has allowed air to leak inside.

Doctors said the wound should heal itself in the next few days if the dog is kept calm and relaxed.

There is a minor risk the complication could call for surgery or be potentially fatal.

Jaris is now off-duty for a minimum of 10 to 14 days and will be constantly watched.

On Easter Sunday, police were searching for Bryan Bills, 28, a parolee considered armed and dangerous, at a home on Mango Avenue.

The officers sent Jaris in an upstairs bedroom to get Bills.

"Dog went to bite him. Jumped to bite him. He side-stepped and pushed him out (the window)," said Officer Steven Bechtold, Jaris' partner. "I saw him go out the window and I didn't know what was going on from there. I just feared the worst."

Once officers had the parolee in custody, Bechtold ran out back to check on the dog.

"He was kind of staggering…had a major gash on his head…put him in the car and went to the animal hospital," he said.

Bechtold said the veterinarian told him nothing was broken and there was no internal bleeding.

"I was in shock, obviously," he said.

Jaris is on pain medication for his discomfort.


Wanted Parolee Reportedly Throws Fontana Police Dog Out 2nd-Story Window


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