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People Making A Difference: Moving Company CEO On A Mission To Give Back

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA)  -- NorthStar, the local moving company that provides decoy trucks to throw off the paparazzi, is a celebrity favorite.

But it's the boss's passion for charity works that makes her the star.

And as Pat Harvey reports, Laura McHolm is a well-deserving person to feature in tonight's "People Making A Difference."

"That's really part of who we are," says McHolm, "We're about moving happiness home."

McHolm, co-founder and marketing director at NorthStar, is also about giving and giving back.

The company has been in existence in Southern California for the past 25 years. And that success fuels her passion for charitable work.

"If you're acquiring something from a community, you need to give something back. And we've been really fortunate," says McHolm.

Giving back has been no problem for this company. The fact the company deals with moving and storage services is just the beginning.

"We work with Karma Rescue," she said. "We work with Habitat for Humanity, Children's Hospital."

NorthStar also donates its storage facility space in Chatsworth to several organizations like "Make A Wish."

That's not all. Non-profile Miry's List relies on the moving trust to deliver new mattresses to refugees from the Middle East starting new lives in America.

"They literally have empty apartments when they they arrive. Nothing in them," McHolm says.

Claire's Place Foundation is a charity that assists families with cystic fibrosis -- NorthStar helps them when families need to relocate for medical treatment.

NorthStar's partnership with Move For Hunger on food drives helps keep LA and Orange County food banks filled and bountiful. They've delivered nearly 50,000 pounds of food in the past nine years.

"When there is a marathon and there's leftover food and water for the runners, we go and pick that up and make sure that gets to the food banks," McHolm says.

In the end, she says she's just happy to help people where and when she can.

"You've done something of value today. And...I hope that every day I can say that," she says.

To help kids from going hungry, this summer NorthStar and Move For Hunger will hold their annual food drive on June 3rd.

For details on how you can help and donate, click here.

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