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Orange County's Best Landscapers

alan dunn landscape design header
(credit: Alan Dunn Landscape Design)

The art of landscaping is both rugged and precise, with an eye for beauty and active outdoor design that in many ways embodies the aesthetic at the very heart of Orange County. In trimming down your list of OC landscapers, you get to start from a vast landscape of options. OC is a garden of opportunities because this is a county which generates a disproportionate percentage of top-level landscapers, as well as unparalleled landscapes. Here are the top five landscapers serving OC.

Tropical Vibe Nursery & Landscape Design
(credit: Tropical Vibe Nursery & Landscape Design)

Tropical Vibe Nursery And Landscape Design
20322 Kline Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 340-5444

In search of the right vibe for the exterior beauty of your home or business, Tropic Vibe Nursery and Landscape Design brings the best in beautiful tropical landscaping. Rare palms and plants can be found here. The individualized service atmosphere is recognized for being in clear contrast to that of generic large home improvement centers. Every step in landscape design services, from conceptual planning all the way through to the actual installation, is provided in making your flourishing garden of landscape dreams.

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Vargas Tree Service
(credit: Vargas Tree Service)

Vargas Tree Service Inc.
1035 S.Chantilly St.
Anaheim, CA 92806
(714) 630-5337

Long-term relationships with clients grow from Vargas' professionalism, and this is why Vargas is so popular. Crown cleaning, thinning for air circulation, shaping for aesthetics and tree removal are among the company's specialties. If you find your woods are getting twisted, you know where you can turn to for removing trees and for finding suitable options. This can prevent hazard, save other trees from harm and often can shape or add value to the look of your home.

alan dunn landscape design
(credit: Alan Dunn Landscape Design)

Alan Dunn Landscape Design
469 S. Aldenville Ave.
Covina, CA 91723
(855) 764-0006

There's an art to landscaping and Alan Dunn Landscape Design has seen and done it all before. With rave response from customers in OC's Mission Viejo, Long Beach and more, Dunn's landscaping focus is on bringing in water elements, zen gardens and other Asian-influenced visions that add dimension. Furthermore, Dunn beautifies the functionality of your outdoor area and also can provide regular maintenance of your landscape, whether it be a home or business. The customer satisfaction links with the fact that Alan Dunn Landscape Design encourages you to imagine and envision the artistic exterior look you want in your world, and then helps you to manifest and expand this artistic vision into your outdoor reality.

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OC tree care
(credit: OC Tree Care)

OC Tree Care
425 S. Gain St.
Anaheim, CA 92804
(866) 570-8733

On the core tree service side of things, OC Tree Care provides what is needed on a pragmatic level. The quality of the trees, including the trimming, can impact the cognitive experience of a viewer's whole perception of your home's landscape. In addition to the standard pruning, tree removal, plus palm and tree trimming, OC Tree Care efficiently provides a total of at least 12 different tree services and is well-equipped for jobs small and large. Free consultations are possible and the reception from customers is consistently joyous regarding speed plus quality.

landscape locators
(credit: Landscape Locators)

Landscape Locators
24058 Skyline
Mission Viejo, CA 92692
(888) 706-7900

Landscape Locators works with your specific individual project, provides a personal consultation, prepares a conceptual drawing and then initiates a bidding competition between those who have the proper credentials. You're given a comparison directly so that you can look at your project and pick accordingly to get the results you need. The best part is that this individualized attention is literally free because the pay comes from Landscape Locator's network. Only positive response is evident from people who have utilized this unique arrangement, so if you have specific custom considerations, then carefully analyzing and deliberating on information from Landscape Locators could help in making your project shine as successful OC landscape perfection.

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