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Only On 2: Emotional Parents Recount Memory Of Seeing Son Hit By Speeding Car

COLTON  ( — Parents of an 8-year-old Colton boy hit by a speeding car last week are talking about his ordeal.

The emotional parents spoke to CBS2's Amy Johnson.

The boy's father was able to push a daughter to safety. But the car hit his son and then slammed into their home.

The boy came home from the hospital Wednesday, but he is still mending, his parents said. And the parents said the boy is still unable to talk about what happened.

"My boy. My son. I thought he had died at that moment. I keep reliving that moment," said Gilbert Reyes, welling up at the memory of seeing his son, Jonah, getting hit.

Reyes broke down in tears as he talked about the moment he thought his son's life was over.

"I saw the car jump the curb and come straight at me and my daughter. I grabbed her, and moved her out the side," Reyes said.

There wasn't enough time to get to Jonah, who was playing on his scooter.

"To see that car hit my son. I saw myself fly up in the air. And fall down. I screamed no! "

He admits he thought his son was dead.

"His eyes rolled back to the back of his head. I could see that clearly. No. Not my boy. Not my son."

Jonah was rushed to the hospital ,where he stayed for nearly a week.

"He has a broken tibia, and they put two rods in there . He also has a broken humerus, and they have to put two rods there. He has stitches on his left ankle from a gash. And he still has a neck brace on. He still has some swelling in the neck. They want to make sure everything stays in place," says his mom, Amy.

His parents know time will heal his physical wounds but they are especially concerned about his emotional wounds. Emotionally. he is a mess.

"He's traumatized. He doesn't want to talk about it, he doesn't want to hear about it," says Amy.

They want the driver who was apparently speeding when he lost control to know there are consequences for the things you do.

Police are still investigating the crash. So far, the driver has not been charged. But they say it appears speed was a factor.

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