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Family's Christmas Miracle Answered When Officer Saves 4-Year-Old Boy's Life

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) -- Four-year-old Ezra Cadena was playing on Christmas Day when his heart gave out and he stopped breathing.

"It's the worst thing anyone could ever imagine," said the boy's mother Lisa Cadena. "Having to hold your baby's lifeless body in your hands and not be able to do anything to bring that baby back."

Ezra's dad, Michael, managed to flag down passing Riverside Police Officer Daryl Hill.

"He takes my son out of my wife's arms. I see him put his fingers in my son's mouth and I see him gasp for air," said Ezra's father while recounting the ordeal.

In true Christmas spirit, Hill brought Ezra a toy police dog while visiting him in the hospital.

Ezra, who underwent heart surgery, is expected to go home next week.

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