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Northridge Man Buys 100 Cups Of Coffee For Newtown Residents

NORTHRIDGE ( —A Northridge man paid for 100 cups of coffee to be given to the grieving residents of Newtown, Conn., on Monday.

20-year-old Adam Lanza fatally shot his own mother and then killed 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School before he committed suicide on Friday.

Since then, the community has been embraced by people from different parts of the country, including Tom Cavanaugh.

The 911 operator for CSUN's police department decided to call the manager of the Newtown General Store and buy mourners a cup of joe because, he said, "(I) can't afford to buy them all breakfast right now, so I can buy them a cup of coffee."

Cavanaugh recounted the manager said, "Wait, stop, I'm shaking", and began to cry when she heard his plans.

He said that's when he started to tear up, too.

"It's just my way of saying somebody cares," Cavanaugh said. "My mom always taught us when someone's grieving, you send prayers and food."

Cavanaugh posted the store's number via Twitter and the kindness caught on.

A woman from New York donated hot chocolates and others bought food and snacks.

"With technology and media, we can go to them and help a little bit," said Cavanaugh.

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