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Newport Beach PD Warns 'We'll Know If You Are Drunk' In Viral Holiday Jingle

NEWPORT BEACH ( — The Newport Beach Police Department is singing a different holiday tune this season.

The department Monday posted their minute-long version of "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" to YouTube in an effort to keep drunk drivers off the road.

Holiday DUI PSA 2014 by NewportBeachPD on YouTube

"We'll know if you've been drinking,

We'll know if you are drunk.

We'll tow your car, you'll go to jail,

And then you will be sunk!

So, you better not drive after you drink,

You better catch a cab or ride home, I think.

In Newport Beach, we're watching the streets."

So far, the "Holiday DUI PSA 2014" has more than 1,400 hits.

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