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New City Council Proposal To Look Into Banning Homeless Encampments In Certain Parts Of Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) -- Los Angeles officials indicated they may be ready to ban homeless encampments in many parts of the city, including parks, near schools and along freeways.

There was an intense city council meeting on Tuesday night discussing the matter, and council members had said they wanted to reach a resolution before their summer recess.

Joe Buscaino blasted fellow council members over the city's response to the homeless crisis, using Tuesday's council meeting to help trigger a vote later in the week on a stricter ordinance that will limit where tents can be set up around the city of L.A.

"It simply asks our unhoused residents to abide by some basic rules so that we can better share our public spaces throughout the city," Buscaino said during the meeting.

The ordinance, which has to be drafted by the city attorney, is expected to ban encampments near sidewalks, driveways, freeway overpasses, onramps, libraries, parks, schools and homeless shelters.

"What we can't afford to do any longer is wait for continued process that delays action," said city council member Monica Rodriguez.

In Hollywood, tent cities have grown as they have in other parts of L.A., where the crisis seems to be worsening.

Buscaino, who is also running for L.A. mayor, said arrests are a last resort in this situation but that he won't rule it out.

"I was a police officer for 15 years and I never arrested a soul for being homeless," Buscaino added.

L.A. has an anti-camping ordinance but it has been suspended during the pandemic.

There could be a vote on this new proposal on Thursday.

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