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New Jewelry Site Designed To Help Men Find Perfect Gift For The Woman In Their Life

AGOURA ( — Men often find it tricky picking out jewelry for a wife or a girlfriend and a new website claims they can help them hone in on the perfect gift.

Jewelry site has users answer a questionnaire about the gift recipient's personal style, including "What's her favorite date night?" and "What shoes would she normally wear at work?" to generate a customized selection of jewelry pieces.

Lorena and Jeff Leininger, a married couple who lives in Agoura, answered the questions separately to see how they'd compare.

"The questions that you answered were exactly the way I answered," Lorena said.

"Oh, really?" Jeff said.

"Every single one of them," Lorena said.

Heirlume suggested nine pieces of jewelry for Lorena including a pair of star-shaped earrings that Jeff said he might have picked.

So how did Lorena feel about the earrings?

"I really don't like the stars," said Lorena, laughing.

"Oh, you don't? So, that really didn't help me," Jeff said.

"If he's going to spend that kind of money I want to really like it!" Lorena said.

The Leiningers said they didn't really like any of the top nine pieces suggested, but they did like other Heirlume pieces.

Jeff recommends getting an actual person to weigh in when it comes to jewelry shopping. The site has a chat feature so you can discuss your purchase with an employee.

"Do it the old-fashioned way and find out who your wife's girlfriends are, and ask their advice, and find a jeweler who you think you can trust," Jeff said.

The couple did find Heirlume jewelry they liked when they just randomly searched the site.

Heirlume also offers the option of emailing pictures of the jewelry to friends for a second opinion.

To try out the service visit

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