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New Hot Spot Steakhouse Oliver's Prime Now Open On Sunset

STUDIO CITY ('s Prime, a new steakhouse on the Sunset Strip, is now open!

Chef Greg Cohen visited the KCAL9 studios Thursday to share about the new eatery, located inside The Grafton on Sunset Hotel. He also shared some tips on how to choose and cook the perfect steak.

Oliver's Prime offers an upscale, intimate dining experience with sexy décor and the occasional celebrity spotting.

Steak 101

Filet Mignon

o             Filet is a steak cut of beef taken from the smaller end of the tenderloin and looks like two long snake-shaped cuts of beef.

o             The tenderloin is the most tender cut of beef and is widely considered the most desirable, and therefore most expense cut.   It has the least amount of fat and connective tissue.

NY Strip

o             The strip steak is also known as the strip loin, shell steak or Kansas City strip steak.

o             It is cut from the short loin and is particularly tender, although not as tender as the tenderloin.

o             When served with the bone and attached to a piece of tenderloin, it's called a Porterhouse steak.   The fat content of this type of beef lies somewhere in between the tenderloin and rib-eye.

o             Delmonico's restaurant in NYC made a cut of beef from the short loin famous because it took a strip of the beef and being from the city that never sleeps it became known as the NY Strip.


o             Bison is leaner than chicken, which most people don't know, but many think it's tastier than beef and richer in flavor.  Bison comes from Buffalo.

o             It's a healthier option, and lower in saturated fat than regular cow beef.

o             Bison is a great source of nutrients – zinc, niacin, iron, vitamin B6 and selenium. It's also packed with protein.

Dry Aged

o             Dry aged beef is dried for several weeks, at Oliver's Prime, we serve a 35 day dry aged cut. The result is a concentration and saturation of the natural flavors and the tenderization of the meat texture.

o             Usually a process done with beef that has a higher marble or fat content.

o             Dry-aged beef is not typically sold in markets so you need to go to a fine steakhouse to try it.

o             Dry-aging can take anywhere from 15 to 28 days, and typically up to a third or more of the weight is lost as moisture, yielding a more concentrated cut of meat.


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