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New Exhibit Marks 30-Season Milestone For Hit Reality Show 'Survivor'

BEVERLY HILLS ( — It's been 15 years and 30 seasons that viewers have tuned in to legendary CBS reality show "Survivor," and now there's an exhibit commemorating this milestone.

The interactive display was unveiled at the Paley Center Tuesday night in Beverly Hills.

"If you're a 'Survivor' fan this is an O.D. experience," Probst said. "We spent a lot of time putting together a highlight reel. We spent about a month trying to find the right pace and the right things that wouldn't bore everybody. We have a lot of photos that people have never seen. And we have a lot of artifacts from the show."

There are torches, snuffers, games and immunity necklaces.

They even have the urn where players submit ballots for who should get voted off the show.

CBS Corporation President and CEO Leslie Moonves said, "I think you could trace most of the reality successes since then, 'Dancing with the Stars,' 'The Voice,' all these shows came from 'Survivor.'"

"Here we are 30 seasons in. [Moonves] predicted in season three that we'd go to 23. And I thought wow, I can't imagine - we're in season 30!" show creator Mark Burnett said.

Watch the premiere of "Survivor" season 30 on Wednesday, Feb. 25, at 8 p.m. PST and EST/7 p.m. Central.

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