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Motorcyclist Records Himself Following Erratic Hit-And-Run Driver

MORENO VALLEY ( —  When a Jurupa Valley man got a motorcycle last year, he decided to start recording his rides on his GoPro camera and posting them on social media under the name Dick Danger.

Last Thursday, he had his wildest ride yet, almost getting hit by a Mercedes-Benz in Colton.

"I've seen some crazy stuff, but nothing like this crazy and intense," Danger said. "I noticed in my rear view mirror he was driving kind of erratic. I thought 'OK, I'll go to the right because this guy is in a big hurry.' "

Seconds after the car went around him, it sideswiped an oncoming car, hit a truck and rear-ended a Prius.

So Danger got off his bike to let the driver know he caught the incident on video. That was when the driver backed up and took off.

Danger ran back to his bike and raced to catch up with the driver onto the 215 Freeway.

"I immediately thought this guy is going to hurt somebody or he's going to get someone killed on the freeway," he said.

He called 911 and told a dispatcher what happened as he followed the damaged car on and off the freeway.

"I witnessed it. I have everything on my GoPro. I'm running it right now. His bumper just fell out and almost hit me," Danger told the dispatcher.

He said he tried to stay back as they reached speeds close to 90 mph.

"He was speeding, and he was switching lanes. I'm pretty sure he was under the influence of something," Danger said.

At one point, he saw a CHP officer and tried to wave him down. But when that did not work, he kept up the pursuit and eventually followed the car to Moreno Valley, where the driver pulled over and got out of his car.

"You should have stopped when you hit those two cars bro," Danger said to the driver.

The Highway Patrol and Colton police eventually came and arrested the driver.

Danger said when he gave officers his video, he admitted that chasing the driver was probably not a wise idea but was glad he did it.

"There's been a lot of hit-and-runs lately. And half the time, they get away," he said. "So that's why I did what I did."

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