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Moo-ve Out Of The Way: Ranch Hands Herd Cattle Through Costa Mesa Neighborhood To OC Fair

COSTA MESA ( — If you live in Costa Mesa and looked out your window Saturday morning to find a massive herd of cattle making their way down the street, don't worry, you weren't dreaming.

Seventy ranch hands and seven cattle dogs escorted the herd through 2.5 miles through Costa Mesa for the Orange County Fair's Cattle Drive.

Wranglers say this is no easy task because steer are inclined to run when they see people. The herders say they try to keep the animals calm and moving at a steady pace.

The Orange County Fair is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year.

There are plenty of animals, exhibits, food and rides at the O.C. Fairgrounds.

The last day to take part in the fun is Sunday, Aug. 16.

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