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Medical Experts Converge In Hollywood To Discuss Diabetes Care

HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — Leaders in the medical world met in Hollywood Thursday for a global conference on diabetes care.

The Diabetic Foot Global Conference (DFCon) focuses on amputation prevention and foot and wound care.

The conference, now in its tenth year, was started by Dr. George Andros, the Medical Director of the Amputation Prevention Center at Valley Presbyterian Hospital, and Dr. David Armstrong, Professor of Surgery at the University of Arizona.

The conference is the largest of its kind in the world.

The founding doctors said that there is a misconception among people with diabetes.

"If you take all the patients that come in and have this sore on their foot and the ulcer that puts them at risk for amputation, I ask them, 'what do you think your chances of saving your foot are?' And they say, 'Aw, not very good doc – 5 percent?' Well I say, 'You got the right number, but the wrong way around.' We save 95 percent of the feet that come to us at risk of amputation," Dr. Andros said.

"So the patients come in quite despondent and depressed and I think after we've seen them and talked with them -- but most importantly after we've treated them – I think they feel a lot less depressed and a lot happier about their lives," he added.

"The great news is that there's hope and that is what we're seeing in meetings like this. We have folks now from 50 nations, all 50 states, from 15 different medical, surgical, nursing disciplines that are here at DFCon that are now going to go back to their country as delegates, as champions and try to make a difference," said Dr. Armstrong.

There are only four specialized clinics, like the ones at Valley Presbyterian and the University of Arizona, in the country.

The doctors said that more are needed and that is why the conference is so important.

For more information, visit DFCon online at

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