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M4.7 Quake Rattles Riverside County

HEMET ( — A light earthquake rattled southern Riverside County Monday, but no injuries or damage were reported.

The preliminary magnitude-4.7 quake was recorded about 16 miles south-southwest of Palm Springs at approximately 9:55 a.m., according to Caltech seismologists.

Initial reports indicated the quake was as large as magnitude-5.2.

"This depth looks to be at about 12 kilometers, which is quite normal for this," USGS seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones told KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO.

No power outages were reported, according to Southern California Edison.

A magnitude-2.3 aftershock — which struck 8 miles northeast of Cherry Valley at 10:06 a.m — was among as many as 55 minor aftershocks, according to the USGS.

The quake was reportedly felt as far away as downtown Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego.

Despite the modest shaking, Jones said that does not reduce the chances of a bigger quake in the near future.

"People think, 'Oh, the little ones release the stress,' but the little ones have so much less energy than the big ones," Jones said. "You always still need to have the big can't get rid of 'em by having small ones."

KNX 1070's Ed Mertz reports the shaking was felt by local students and business owners.

School shaken in quake

"The ground was definitely shaking and a couple things fell over on my bookshelves," Hamilton Elementary School principal Carol Robilotta said. "Some of them, it's the first gave us a chance for us to discuss it."

Janet at Anza Valley Hardware said her store is doing fine after the temblor.

"I kinda got under my little enclave I have here and watched the tools shake," she said. "Nothing fell, but they were shaking."

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