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Los Angeles County mosquito season projected to be heavy after winter rains

L.A. County mosquito season could be worst in years
L.A. County mosquito season could be worst in years 00:49

Los Angeles County officials are warning that this may be the worst mosquito season in years. Heavy rains have created ideal conditions for breeding.

Peak season starts in June and lasts through October in L.A. County, according to the California Department of Public Health.

Here are some things you can do to prepare:

  • Get rid of standing water around your home -- that's the main draw for mosquitoes.
  • Avoid floral or fruity scented soaps: More than 60 percent of what a mosquito smells comes from soap, rather than natural body odors.
  • Use a fan. Studies show citronella candles don't do much to keep away mosquitoes. So try a fan instead.
  • Wear long pants and sleeves that are loose-fitting.

If you do get bitten, the CDC recommends using an ice pack and antihistamine cream.

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