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Local Mom Knows How To Pair Girl Scout Cookies With Wine

LOS ANGELES ( — Who said Girl Scout cookies were just for a child's palate?

A local mom is not only a big fan, she knows that the cookies are decidedly more tasty when paired with a wine!

Reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, Suzie Suh interviewed the mom, Elizabeth Borsting, with the novel idea.

Long Beach resident Borsting helps her 10-year-old daugher, Katie, sell the cookies.

And while the cookie orders pour in, Suh says the wine pours, too.

Elizabeth is a publicist and a blogger. She's no wine expert nor a cookie connoisseur but she is Katie's best customer.

And in years past the same question arose from daughter to mother. "What do you do with all these cookies?"

Most people know about cookies and milk. But a Cabernet Sauvignon?

Borsting calls them her "preference pairing." And those pairings help her to sell more cookies. "It's pop open a bottle of wine and let's see who likes what."

She has many of her friends sold. Strangers, too. "The wine makes the cookies taste even better and made for a real fun evening."

Borsting uses her pairings to bring in the sales. She insists Do-Si-Dos go great with champagne. Use a dessert wine with Dulce de Leches, she advises. And "thin mints go good with a Cabernet."

Dark chocolate and coconut in Samoas means one thing. "You'll want to try "Samoas with a good port."

They say necessity is the mother of invention. So is good marketing. Borsting says, in her area alone, she and her daughter are competing with at least five other troops.

"Suddenly with the wine pairings you got [the customers] hooked and the troop down the street may not have that marketing ploy," she says.

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