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Despite Security, Violence Concerns, 'Joker' Earns $93 Million

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA)  -- All that worry seems to have been for naught.

Or as Batman himself might lecture: It is important to let these things play out, Robin, before we jump to conclusions.

"Joker" was so violent, some critics of the movie said, that audiences would respond in kind. There were also those who believed an earlier incarnation of the character inspired the killer in Aurora, Colorado to walk into a screening of the movie and kill 12 and wound 70 more.

Instead, the movie made $93 million -- it's also the highest grossest movie in October in film history.

No incidents of crime or violence or shootings were reported. A few threats made the news -- some even called credible.

US actor Joaquin Phoenix signs the movie's poster for a fan as he arrives for the screening of the film "Joker" on August 31, 2019 presented in competition during the 76th Venice Film Festival at Venice Lido. (Photo by Vincenzo PINTO / AFP) (Photo credit should read VINCENZO PINTO/AFP/Getty Images)

CBS2/KCAL9 reporter Greg Mills went to Long Beach, in search of people who'd seen it and their reaction. And some who were just eager to see it.

Concerns about violence or not.

"I'm going to see the 'Joker,'" says Kathy Johnson.

"I'm going to see the 'Joker;" says Arlene Rosas.

Everyone is seeing this movie -- or it just seems that way. In addition to being the biggest October opening in history it may be (says Greg Mills) one of the scariest.

"At work we even got an email [telling us not to go.] Yeah, that it could potentially be some people who,want to do something," says Rosas.

"Yes I've heard about everything going on," says Johnson.

Long Beach Police tweeted on Saturday that they had received some calls -- about shots being fired inside a theater -- that alarmed them to call schools all over to alert them. The suspect in the theater? Arrested on an outstanding warrant.

It turns out the guy had a back pack but nothing sinister.


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