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Large Sinkhole Takes Down Downey Street

DOWNEY (CBSLA)  -- A large sinkhole swallowed up a major part of a Downey street Saturday evening.

The sinkhole formed in the 12000 block of Rives Avenue, just south of Firestone Boulevard.

Officials said a SUV crashed into a power pole and fire hydrant. Firefighters eventually turned off the water. Officials believe the steady stream of water opened up the sinkhole.

Witnesses said the SUV was swallowed by the massive hole in the road.

The sinkhole caused power and water problems in Downey throughout Sunday.

KCAL9's Crystal Cruz reported from the scene where 24 hours later there were still issues trying to get back to normal.

"It was difficult because today is Father's Day and we couldn't cook. we couldn't do a lot of stuff. We use a lot of camping supplies to start cooking for Father's Day," said one woman.

Residents marveled that the hole was deep enough that it could swallow a SUV.

"It just looked really, really surreal. Ground level and you just saw was the hood of the car, the top of the car and then that was it," said neighbor Ed Rodriguez.

"I came out here like 3 a.m. and you could see the car sinking. It was even getting [worser.] You could only see one window the top window," said a young man named Phillip.

Neighbors are now watching crews work on the large hole -- it was something to pass the time since they don't have TV or electricity.

"Very lonely because we can't use TV or our cell,  we cannot use our landline telephone. Everything is off," said one woman.

Some people bought bottled water and drove to the mall for restrooms. Others did not.

"We have a swimming pool so we are able to use that water for -- essential things," Rodriguez said.

Neighbors decided it was a memorable Father's Day, but not a fun one.

According to police the driver wasn't drinking. She tried to avoid a car coming towards her and swerved and hit the fire hydrant.

Officials told Cruz the water and electricity should be back on later Sunday evening.

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