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LAPD Warn Residents Of New Crime Trend: 'Follow Home Robberies'

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Authorities released a community alert for Los Angeles residents, warning of an ongoing crime trend called "follow-home robberies."

The Los Angeles Police Department listed districts such as Melrose and the Jewelry District as well as nightclubs and high-end restaurants as places where these crimes have occurred. 

In Melrose, there has been a rash of robberies in the past few months from employees being held at gunpoint to diners being robbed as they eat, with even one victim being shot to death outside of a shoe store. 

According to police, in follow-home robberies suspects typically target victims carrying expensive purses or jewelry, such as watches and necklaces, follow them home or business and rob them. In some cases, suspects target victims using social media to track potential victims. Police have increased foot and bike patrols in Melrose because of the recent rise of this crime trend. 

Authorities advise residents to be aware of their surroundings, to be cautious of displaying high-value items in public and if residents have any inkling that someone may be following them to call 911 and to go to their nearest police station. 

In the unfortunate event that a robbery occurs, police advise victims to cooperate, comply and not chase down their attackers after the robbery. Victims should contact the police as soon as possible.

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