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Java With Jamie: Celebrity astrologer Kyle Thomas

Java With Jamie: Celebrity astrologer Kyle Thomas
Java With Jamie: Celebrity astrologer Kyle Thomas 05:56

When you ask Kyle Thomas "What's your sign?" you're going to get a much more complicated answer than most.

That's because he's a celebrity astrologer who guides some of the biggest names in Hollywood when it comes to their love life, real estate deals and contracts.

Café Solar de Cahuenga sits at the very busy intersection of Franklin Avenue and Cahuenga Boulevard.

Between the hustle and bustle, celebrity astrologer Kyle Thomas met me for coffee on a Monday -- even though he says it would have been better on Wednesday.

And for those who want to be in the know:

"The luckiest day of the year this year is April 11th," said Kyle Thomas.  "Everyone is going to feel this expansive opportunity."

Predictions like that have been Thomas's specialty for decades.

He's a Taurus, for the record -- Aries rising -- and he grew up in Wisconsin, where he always felt a little different.

"I started studying astrology when I was like 8 years old," said Thomas. "I was very fascinated by myth and psychology and humanity and art."

Thomas went on to earn two degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, one in psychology and one in English. He says he uses both when doing readings.

"I've always been sort of like divinely guided," said Thomas. "I was trained as an actor, I wrote my first novel when I was 14, I had all sorts of different experiences, and I came out here to be a filmmaker and I always felt like I could never break through in that industry in the way that I wanted. And suddenly I'm doing readings for celebrities and I'm writing and my stuff was going viral."

"Looking at my chart, I know why it happened. But it was very scary going through it. I'm so grateful for it, and I love what I do," said Thomas.

Cosmopolitan, People, Entertainment Weekly, the New York Post Page Six, Bustle and the Daily Mail all run Thomas's horoscopes now.

He's made countless appearances on various YouTube channels. And beside his own Instagram page, millions of people follow his predictions on Twitter.

"It's not a science. It is definitely not a science. It's an art form," said Thomas. "I think at the base of life, life is art, and so if we can find a way to connect with people or inspire people or even inspire ourselves, then I think that we're making a difference and living in a way that brings beauty to life."

Thomas does not believe events are predetermined, but he also won't hold back if someone's chart has rough waters ahead.

"If I do see something that's challenging, I also want to tell you," said Thomas. "Because if I'm just spreading rainbows and light all the time and you don't have the information that you need to heal yourself or avoid and sidestep a situation, it can be devastating."

"It's sort of like the weather -- it's lie 'astro weather!' So if you know it's going to rain that day, you're going to bring an umbrella."

To test him out, I had him read my chart.

"Jupiter is the planet of luck and miracles. It means that you're supposed to be in the spotlight. One of the most important things in your entire life is having a partner. You love to have either a romantic partner, or you love to have a best friend or a business associate, like you tag-team very well with people. You're highly emotional," said Thomas.

As a Leo sun and Sagittarius rising, that might be an understatement.

However, Thomas does point out that we have all the signs somewhere in our chart -- there is no "undatable sign" for you singles out there. In fact, Thomas believes the zodiac doesn't separate us; it brings us together.

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