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Inland Empire Commuters Dealing With Wet And Dangerous Road Conditions

CAJON PASS (CBSLA) - With Monday's storm, drivers in the Cajon Pass have struggled with slick roads and fogged-up windshields.

Southern California freeways are soaked just in time for the evening commute. In the Inland Empire, it was slow going along the 15 Freeway through the Cajon Pass.

Some residents in the area said they were doing their best to avoid the slippery roads.

"I hate driving in the rain. It's scary. I take the streets when it's like this because I'm really close," said resident Auggie Quirino, who added that he can avoid the traffic by staying off the highway.

Desiree Castaneda, a Fontana resident, said she's wary of other drivers when it's raining.

"People do not know how to drive in the rain. They are crazy, especially like in California. We don't get a lot of rain. So, everyone's going crazy. They don't know how to act," she said.

Inland Empire shoppers
Shoppers in the Inland Empire area came prepared for the rain Monday. (credit: CBS)

While there were complaints about other drivers with the wet conditions, most residents had no complaints about the rain itself.

Ruth Albina, from Fontana, said that we definitely needed the rain.

"I love the rain. I'm glad that it's raining. Finally, God heard some prayers. We need it. Nobody is complaining," Albina said.

Most of the shoppers came dressed for the rain, wearing hoodies and carrying umbrellas.

"Bring it on, bring it all. We need it all for our grass and everything to get fed," Quirino said.

There has so far been no major problems reported along the freeways, but with steady rain, officials said that could change quickly.

Both Caltrans and the San Bernardino County Fire Department said they're not anticipating any problems, even in burn scar areas, but those are still being monitored.

However, Highway 38 remains closed from Valley of the Falls Drive to Lake Williams Drive due to a debris flow. Only Angelus Oaks residents with identification will be allowed through if they drive through Big Bear and go to the closure at Lake Williams.


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