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Influx Of Transfer Students Raises Eyebrows At Calabasas High School

CALABASAS ( — It's said to be the most anticipated football game in years for Calabasas High School, with some of the best players in the Southland playing for their teams this season.

Around 30 new transfer students, mostly from areas of Compton and Long Beach, have transferred to Calabasas High School during the past two years, which has raised questions among rival teams, coaches and parents.

Cal Hamalain, whose son is playing against Calabasas High School's team Friday, said that all the transfer students raise red flags.

"I hope the CIF looks into it, and if they're all legit, then let the kids play and have a great time," Hamalain said.

Two years ago, the Calabasas High School football team did not win a single game.

The school turned to former University of Tennessee quarterback Casey Clausen in 2013 to revitalize the program.

With the new influx of players coming into the program, eyebrows have been raised among rival programs about how the high school was able to reel in such high-quality talent.

Some players who transferred were not eligible to play, while others were cleared by the CIF to play in the game Friday night.

One Calabasas High School parent offered a simple explanation for the rise in transfer students.

"One of the nice things that we offer here in Calabasas is a really good education, and if we want to give the opportunity to kids from somewhere else to get that, that's great."

Cory Chandler. the athletic director of Calabasas High, suggested that the CIF had looked into the matter and that there was nothing wrong with what the program was doing.

"We've done our due diligence, and we've followed what [the] CIF has wanted," Chandler said.

Some players who had to sit out Friday's game will be allowed to play beginning Oct. 5.

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