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Police Release Identity Of Off-Duty LAPD Officer Involved In Deadly Costco Shooting

CORONA (CBSLA) - The identity of an off-duty LAPD officer who opened fire inside of a Corona Costco, killing one and critically injuring two others, was released Wednesday.

The off-duty officer was named as Salvador Sanchez, a patrol officer from LAPD's Southwest Division.

On Friday, June 14, Sanchez shot and killed 32-year-old Kenneth French, who has been described as non-verbal and critically wounded French's parents after French allegedly attacked Sanchez.

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According to attorney David Winslow, Sanchez was hit from behind without warning and was knocked unconscious as he held his 18-month-old son.

When Sanchez awoke, he fatally shot Kenneth French, believing his life and the life of his child were in imminent danger.

Prominent civil rights attorney Dale Galipo, who represents the French family has a different take on the tragic situation.

"The officer, I think, just totally lost it, totally overreacted," Galipo said. "Maybe he was upset that someone pushed him. He was never unconscious as claimed."

He said he wants the same rules that apply to the public to apply to Sanchez.

"If anyone else inside a Costco had some type of a push, took out a gun, killed the person and then shot his parents to boot, they would be arrested, in jail on murder charges with no bail or $3-5 million bail looking at life in prison," Galipo says.

Corona Police Chief George Johnstone said, "We are actively conducting our investigation…We assure you that our department is committed to conducting a fair, impartial, and thorough investigation."

In response to Moore naming his client as the shooter,  Winslow said, "It would have been nice if he would have shown some concern about the officer's well-being and his 1-year-old son after they were attacked and knocked to the concrete."

Following the shooting, Sanchez was placed on administrative leave with pay.


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