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Huntington Beach Woman Posts Video Of 'Neighbors From Hell' In Violent Confrontation

Warning: Video contains profanity and a physical altercation that some may find disturbing.

HUNTINGTON BEACH ( — A video making the rounds on the Internet depicts a woman getting into a violent, profanity-laced confrontation with a half-naked man on a motorized scooter.

The footage, apparently posted by neighbor Sarah Oliver in Huntington Beach, shows the woman, identified as Luara Cox, 47, irritated that the 65-year-old man won't move his scooter from behind her truck.

Cox is reportedly in jail, and detectives, looking at the video, may push for additional charges.

The nature of the relationship between the man and woman is unclear.

He keeps telling her to calm down and relax.

She gets out of the car, screams obscenities in his face and bangs her fist into the truck, before knocking him off his scooter and onto the pavement.

The ambulatory device lays toppled while he struggles to get onto his feet.

The woman gets into the truck and backs the vehicle into the scooter, narrowly missing the man, before driving away.

At some point, the man gets up and screams at her for damaging his scooter and smashing his cellphone: "You broke my f----n' phone! You're going to jail! I'm calling the police!"

The YouTube video was posted Sunday by Oliver, who claims the woman is her neighbor and that these kind of outbursts occur frequently.

"You could usually hear banging and screaming," Oliver said. "So I run over here, and I usually can watch the whole thing."

Oliver says she has other videos of Cox, hitting and banging her car.

Someone mentioned in the comments section that the incident occurred at an apartment building near Beach Boulevard and Slater Avenue.

"Officers went and talked to the male victim, who refused to cooperate with the officers, (and) didn't give them any information as to what had occurred," Huntington Beach Police Department's Mitch O'Brien said. "He identified himself, but didn't really want to be involved in anything and told them nothing happened."

Police suspect Cox may have been under the influence of either drugs or alcohol.

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