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High Winds Topple Trees, Down Power Lines And Block Roads In Some Southland Neighborhoods

CLAREMONT (CBSLA) - With high-winds sweeping across many parts of the Southland, several trees have been uprooted.

High Wind 2
Claremont resident Eric Tucker helps clear a tree that fell due to high-winds overnight. Jan. 22, 2022 (CBSLA).

Eric Tucker is a biology teacher at Claremont High School, though on Saturday, he took out his chainsaw to teach his town sons, and a friend, a valuable lesson in civics

"Just cleaning up the road, trying to help the community. It's right near the high school. There's lots of kids that want to the park, want to travel through this road. Just want to clear it out so people can get through it safely," Tucker said.

Overnight, strong winds ripped across Southern California.

In Upland, a tree fell onto the trailer of a semi-truck. In Sierra Madre, a tree busted through a brick wall and landed on a couple of vehicles as the wind roared through the San Gabriel Valley.

Near the Hollywood Bowl, several cars were trapped when strong winds caused a tree to topple.

Back in Claremont, Damian Geddry and his neighbors worked to clear a downed tree.

"It came down about one in the morning, and about half an hour before that, we could hear the wind going through the trees. It sounded like a jet airplane. So, I went outside and I could see it heaving left and right. By the time I came downstairs, it had fallen.

Down the road, a car got crushed and power was wiped out in Daniel Kuriyama's neighborhood because of the high winds, but he said his community stepped up.

"Neighbors from the community moving debris out of people's driveways early in the morning, before people got up. It was a nice thing to see," he said.

Over at Cahuilla Park, the Tuckers ended up clearing the road that was previously blocked. Dad said this was a good project for his kids while the electricity was out.

The Claremont Mayor and the fire department said some homes and cars suffered damage as a result of wind-driven debris, but no injuries were reported.

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