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Funny Video Proves Traffic In West Hollywood Can Literally Be A Drag

WEST HOLLYWOOD ( —  One of the busiest boulevards in West Hollywood will be closed for a month.

A large stretch of La Cienega between equally busy Sunset Boulevard and Fountain Avenue is going to be inaccessible while construction in the area diverts traffic.

KCAL9's Brittney Hopper found out that West Hollywood has a funny way of letting drivers know their commute is about to become a drag.

Only in West Hollywood would people come up with a creative way to deal with an annoying situation that will affect thousands of drivers.

A parody of the popular "Saturday Night Live" skit "The Californians" called "The WeHoans" is now available on YouTube.

The video pokes fun at how drivers will navigate around when La Cienega is La Closed.

While many residents will no doubt be laughing at the parody, some are unhappy about the inconvenience.

"These people don't put up with a lot. You've got a lot of wealthy residents here that I think aren't going to be too happy and I won't when I'm trying to make my left and go up Fountain," said Michael Cline, a WeHo resident.

The already-congested area is predicted to be even more congested once the closure starts.

Hopper spoke to an Uber driver. And says this particular street closure isn't going to be good.

"I think it's going to be crazy, and I think it's going to case lots of congestion lots of traffic jams and just harder to get around town," said the driver.

But "The WeHoans," which features stars of "RuPaul's Drag Race," is trying to bring some laughter at a time when many drivers won't find the closure too funny.

For the next month, drivers are urged to take an alternate route and avoid the area. The closure begins Monday and will last until mid-September.

More videos are also planned.

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