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Man Suspected In Carjacking, DUI Arrested After Wild Chase

YORBA LINDA ( —  Police in Yorba Linda arrested man suspected of carjacking who drove recklessly in north Orange County.

The chase began in La Habra around 6:55 p.m. and ended around 7:37 p.m., authorities said.

Police also said the man drove the wrong way on several streets and drove recklessly on others. He was also driving without headlights for most of the pursuit, endangering other drivers.

During the chase, the man pulled a hood over his head when he realized he was being followed by helicopters above.

Stu Mundel, reporting in Sky9, says the driver has been lucky in that "traffic has been very light."

Police tried a pursuit-intervention technique early on but were unsuccessful.


Mundel said the man made "a series of crazy turns."

The chase went from La Habra into Fullerton, then Anaheim, on the eastbound 91 into Orange. From there, the pursuit went from Tustin, back to the 91 westbound, off the freeway at Kraemer, back on at Kraemer and the 91 west.

The suspect got off and then went on the wrong way on several streets going north. He then went back through Anaheim and Placentia before the chase finally ended in Yorba Linda.

He also took out a construction fence while driving through a construction zone over recently paved asphalt.

"It's very dangerous, the way he is driving," Mundel said. "He's taking a lot of lives in his hands."

After nearly 40 minutes, he was boxed in at a cul-de-sac in Yorba Linda.

The man refused to comply at first but after police got out with guns drawn, he threw up his arms and got out of his vehicle.

At least 11 officers were shown taking down the man and into custody.

CBS2's Juan Fernandez picked up the story Friday evening.

Authorities told Fernandez the man was likely intoxicated.

They first saw the man erratically driving his own pickup, Fernandez reported. After rear-ending a driver, police said the man got out of his vehicle and commandeered another car before fleeing.

A squad car pursuing the man was almost hit by another vehicle in an intersection.

In the cul-de-sac, the man hit one vehicle, tapped another, and made a series of maneuvers to avoid police trying to box him in.

"I was afraid, I'll admit," said neighbor Rissa Valdellon, "but I love Yorba Linda. It's a safe neighborhood overall. So we're OK."

The man has was identified as Gerald Paul Terveer,  48, of La Habra.

Police said Terveer faces DUI charges in addition to carjacking and evading police charges.

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