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Famous Mountain Lion P-22 Spotted Wandering Beachwood Canyon Neighborhood

BEACHWOOD CANYON (CBSLA) -- Neighbors in the Hollywood Hills are on edge after a confirmed spotting of L.A.'s most famous mountain lion: P-22.

P-22 ring video

A family caught the mountain lion on their Ring security video Tuesday morning, prowling around the front of their home in Beachwood Canyon.

City park rangers used the big cat's GPS tracking confirmed that it was none other than P-22. They said the famous feline normally spends most of his time in Griffith Park, but often walks through nearby neighborhoods looking for new places to roam.

Lana, whose family captured the mountain lion on their Ring footage, said she is a lover of wildlife and learned about P-22's trek across two freeways and into Griffith Park years ago. P-22 is believed to be the only large carnivore worldwide living in a mega-city, according to national park officials.

"It's really cool when you see something like this," she said.

Park rangers said the feline has primarily been living alone in a really small environment and he may have come out of the park to find a mate.

"There's a trail up there," Lana said. "We think he was going up there. It leads straight out to the bottom of the canyon and to Griffith Park, so he was probably just coming around the edge of his territory."

Although a big fan of P-22, Lana said she will appreciate him from a distance and hopes others will too.

"You just need to be safe and respect the fact this is a wild animal and it's not something that's gonna be nice and purr up against your leg," she said. "It is a wild animal that will attack you if it feels threatened."

The family said their camera has recently captured a baby bobcat, coyotes, and other wildlife but never a mountain lion. They said it's a reminder that those in hillside communities should be cautious.

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