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Coyote Sightings On The Rise In Seal Beach

SEAL BEACH ( — Seal Beach residents are reporting more coyotes, as well as an increase in the number of missing pets.

The coyotes have become bolder, according to CBS2 Orange County reporter Michele Gile, now roaming some streets in broad daylight.

Kristi Hinds, who lives on Balboa Drive, said her husband came face-to-face with a pair of coyotes when he opened their garage door a few days ago.

"They started to approach him, so he went back in the garage, got a broom to like scare them away," Hinds said. "And they just sort of trotted up the street like, 'No big deal. We're not scared of you.'"

The coyotes are out at hours when it is more likely that children and pets are also on the streets. There are dozens of missing cats and dogs in the city, with a bulletin board at Seal Beach Animal Care Center listing many of them.

Dee Carey of the animal care center said one cat had to have her leg amputated after being attacked by an animal, likely a coyote, and a volunteer walking three dogs had a close encounter with a coyote as well.

City officials are working with experts ahead of a planned town hall meeting on the coyotes, and work continues to repair fences and cut weeds in open areas where the animals live.

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