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Dodgers Ticket Holders Left In Limbo, Without Refunds As Season Remains Postponed

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — As sporting events remain postponed during the coronavirus shutdowns, many people are wondering why their tickets are not being refunded.

Last week, 12-year-old Cade Shaffer was supposed to celebrate his birthday at Dodger Stadium, but due to the Safer-At-Home order, he would not be attending the game as planned.

His mom Lauren Shaffer emailed the team on April 2 and received an email saying they would not be refunded.

"The MLB ticket refund policy remains in place and there are no refunds, no exchanges," said Shaffer.

After two weeks since receiving the email, the MLB has yet to say what will happen to the 2020 season.

Ross Saly has season tickets and said he hasn't received any communications from the Dodgers.

"That's a lot of money being held up by the Dodgers or any sports team for, that matter at this moment, and a lot of people are struggling financially," he said.

The NBA, MLB, and NHL have all postponed, not canceled, their seasons keeping ticket holders from receiving refunds.

"We had camping booked and they refunded us," said Shaffer. "My school refunded the tuition. So I think a huge multi-billion dollar franchise should have their ducks in a row."

If fans purchased their tickets through Stub Hub, they won't receive a refund either.

According to the company, it is waiting on the leagues to reschedule or cancel the events. Even if they do cancel, Stub Hub said they don't have the money to offer refunds.

Instead, ticket holders will get a credit worth 120 percent of what they paid that will be valid through the end of 2021.

Ticketmaster has changed its policy as well and will only issue refunds on canceled events, but not those that are postponed.

With social distancing orders, some fans aren't even sure they will want to attend games once they resume.

"When is the next time that I want to be at 55-thousand people at Dodgers stadium in my seat with a stranger next to me, getting beer spilled on me," said Saly. "It's going to be a little bit."

Dodgers tickets are available for sale beginning May 18, three days after the Safer-At-Home order is set to expire.

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