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Cockroach In A Burrito, Mouse Droppings On Bags Of Raw Pork Shut Down Mexican Restaurant

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Mexican food restaurant has been shut down in South Sacramento after dozens of cockroaches were found, including one in a man's burrito.

The Sacramento County health department found the insects and a rodent on Tuesday following a complaint from a man who said he found a cockroach in his burrito.

(Photo via CBS Sacramento)

Sean Young shared a video on social media after he says he found a dead cockroach inside his second burrito at Carolina's Mexican Food.

The inspection on Tuesday afternoon found 30 to 40 mouse droppings on the floor, as well as 20 to 30 more on shelves below the front counter.

Nearly 60 live cockroaches were found in the building, including 20 to 30 of them on the floor and wall at the rear cook's line.

A live mouse was found inside the walk-in cooler, but it was not eliminated.

Additionally, mouse droppings were found on sealed bags of raw pork and a box of bell peppers. The peppers were thrown out.

mexican restaurant
Authorities say Carolina's Mexican Food has been shut down in response to the video. (Photo via CBS Sacramento)

The restaurant had household Raid inside the restaurant, which is not allowed as "Only pesticides that are necessary and specifically approved for use in a food facility may be used," according to the report.

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