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Chipotle Stirs Up Controversy With Climate Change Concerns

STUDIO CITY ( — Chipotle Mexican Grill is raising eyebrows after indicating "global climate change" could affect popular offerings, including their guacamole.

Executives state in a new SEC filing cost fluctuations could force them to temporarily suspend menu items.

They point to volatile weather changes which they say could impact the availability of avocados and the other fresh ingredients used in their restaurants.

"We may choose to temporarily suspend serving menu items, such as guacamole or one or more of our salsas, rather than paying the increased cost of the ingredients," the company noted.

KNX1070 News Radio business anchor Frank Mottek told CBS2's Randy Paige by using the term "climate change," Chipotle has fueled a political debate that is as volatile as the weather the term refers to.

"It's an interesting choice of words and I think that's why it's getting a lot of attention," Mottek said.

"This is the first time I've seen a restaurant company refer to climate change impacting the bottom line, but weather obviously impacts the price of crops and affects consumers and what they'll be paying eventually," Mottek continued.

The company says the annual report is nothing more than a routine risk factor disclosure and that guacamole lovers don't have anything to worry about - for now.

That's a relief for customers like Jenice Marshall.

"Oh I love the guacamole here. This place is amazing," Marshall said. "I don't think its going to change anything. I don't."

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