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Chilling Video Captures Images Of Man Police Say Is Suspected In Attempted Sexual Assault Of Girl

ONTARIO ( — Security footage has captured images of a man police say is suspected in the attempted kidnapping and attempted sexual assault of a girl in Ontario.

Police say the incident unfolded about 9:45 p.m. Saturday at Chaffey High School near Fifth Street.

It was then, police say, the 14-year-old girl was grabbed and dragged behind some bushes while waiting to be picked up after band practice.

According to police, the unidentified man tried to take off the girl's clothes but was unsuccessful. The girl managed to escape and the suspect eventually ran off, police said.

"It's extremely painful looking at the video, how she was able to manage, to be safe, and fight for her life, for her dignity," said Margirida Leon, the girl's mother.

"It angered me due to the fact that someone could shatter a little girl's security," said Rafael Leon, the girl's father.

Investigators believe the suspect was on campus for at least 30 minutes.

"To me, watching the video, he's lying in wait," said Sgt. Jeff Higbee of the Ontario Police Department.

The suspect was last seen wearing a blue and gray hooded sweat shirt with yellow lettering on the sleeves.

"Turn yourself in, just make it easier for everyone," her father said.

Meanwhile, the principal of the school says they now have a centralized location for pick-ups, specifically a well-lit parking lot, where security guards can focus their efforts.

Anyone with more information was asked to call the Ontario Police Department.

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