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Exclusive: Woman Caught On Camera Filching Credit Card Delivery From Fullerton Doorstep

FULLERTON ( — Police are hoping security video leads them to a thief who filched a UPS package left on a Fullerton doorstep.

The woman stole a package containing a credit card and immediately started using it to steal cash.

"I feel violated," Kane Chan told CBS2's Stacey Butler. "How would she know to come to my house and there was a package right there?"

An hour after a UPS driver dropped off Chan's replacement credit card Thursday, security cameras caught the woman arriving in a 1990s Buick Regal. She stepped out of the passenger seat and approached Chan's front door, "nonchalant, just walks up. Knew where the package was, then she put it in her dress, then just walked away."

Police say the suspect struck at 5:45 p.m.

A short time later, someone charged more than $1,000 on the credit card at a Target in Cerritos: "charged it three times in a two-minute time span."

"It appeared that the female suspect potentially knew exactly what was being delivered and when it was being delivered," Fullerton police Sgt. Jeff Stuart said.

Police say Chan's security cameras captured such a clear image that it may help them crack the case.

"We're hoping those images encourage someone to come forward and maybe give us an idea who this suspect is," Stuart said.

Officials suggest people expecting home deliveries make sure they sign for them.

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